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Buy 2 Methyl Maf Online The Best Place to Buy 2 Methyl Maf Online IS USA Online Chemicals Pharmacy Shop. 2-ME-MAF also called 2-methyl-MAF as well fentanyl is a powerful opioid that is a very close analog to the fentanyl family of synthetic opioid products. It is also thought to be nearly identical, chemically, to the better known F-uF, and as such is seeing some popularity as a designer drug. If you need a powerful opioid research chemical, you can stop your choice in 2-methyl-Maf. This designer drug is similar to fentanyl. 2-methyl-Maf is analogous by its activity to Fu-F research chemical. BATH SALTS EFFECTS To know about 2-methyl-Maf effects we recommend to read about Furanylfentanyl (Fu-F) as both of these drugs are similar. However, 2-methyl-MAF hasn’t been properly tested yet. Possible it could include nausea, skin itching, difficulty in breathing. Don’t use 2-methyl-Maf with alcohol as it could be extremely dangerous and even lead to death cases.


There is a number of other opioids, which acts similarly to it Among them it’s worth mentioning:

3-Methylbutyrfentanyl and 3-Methylfentanyl;
Butyrfentanyl PX-3, Acrylfentanyl and 4-Fluorofentanylas well as Acetylfentanyl and α-Methylfentanyl.

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